The main categories that will be in the CMS Blog

  1. Local news & International economic news
  2. Prices now ( Gold, Oil , Local and GCC shares , Stocks price
  3. Educatonial report for forex beginners starting up
  4. List of all regulations for FX
  5. High keyword asks topics
  6. English/AR Version
  7. Access to the membership (fees may apply)
  8. Crypto topics
  9. Video Gallery ( Embed Videos inside the Club)
  10. Risk management , How regulated brokers work , Warnings
  11. Q&A Reports
  12. Ask your question category

Expected Benefits

  1. Expected daily visitors 4k-6k within the 6 months after launched up.

I will be make sure of SEO is going very well , and targeting the most important and trending keywords in both languages AR/EN.

AR Finance Blogs over view

Overview of
Overview of

As the examples shows up we can create our blog and get high organic traffic without paying marketing costs.

Webinar & Seminars & Beginners training by Multiclub

Explained in Multi Empire files “pdf” attached in “” folder.

The most important skills we need

  1. Marketing strategist
  2. Content writers
  3. educational staff
  4. marketing analyst
  5. team work
  6. Multilingual staff